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Jenna Jean Marketing provides established and growing brands with social media services, consulting, management, and influencer marketing.

With expertise in TikTok and Instagram, we are driven by the goal to help businesses build and maintain a social media presence, increase brand awareness, grow meaningful audiences, improve community engagement, gain more traffic, and foster brand and consumer trust through tried-and-true organic marketing methods. 



Jenna Jean Marketing is led by Jenna Jean, a social media marketing queen with years of in-house, agency, and freelancing experience. 

As a top 10% graduate from the University of Utah in 2017, Jenna Jean earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a minor in French. 

She has since created and grown social media platforms for brands around the world. She is also a TikTok Creator and Influencer and continues to build up a successful following and engaged community of her own on her personal social media platforms. 


In today’s world, it is crucial to have a social media presence. Organic marketing is essential to developing and maintaining that presence. It yields increased awareness, authentic engagement, and customer loyalty in the form of consistent content, comments, shares, collaborations, clickthrough rates, and more. Organic social media marketing Jenna Jean Marketing's our forte. We treat every single post, caption, or comment as an asset to increase brand value.

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