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This involves both a detailed audit and consultation on your social media platforms. We will consult you on how to gain traction and success through your social media presence by combing through your platforms and providing an in-depth report on what we think works well, what we deem could be improved, and action items to take moving forward. 



If you need help figuring out a TikTok strategy, engage with followers, tap into influencer marketing, tailor content per platform, or generate ideas for posts, put us in, coach! We’ll run a complete social media audit to help guide and shape your strategy and then follow up as often as needed with detailed guidance on best practice and action items moving forward. As you post, we can monitor your content and provide detailed feedback. At each consultation, we will walk through feedback, exchange ideas, and pivot strategy, as needed.


You do what you do best (run your business), and we’ll do what we do best (run your socials). We will manage your TikTok and Instagram accounts and presence. This will include strategy, content creation, consistent postings, community engagement, monitoring insights and results, and whatever else you need! 


Through the experience of running my own social media marketing agency, working as a TikTok Creator and being an avid Instagram user, I am a passionate influencer using my skills to "influence" others on these platforms. I love to connect with audiences around the world and show off brands and businesses through creative and authentic advertising. This could involve a sponsored post/endorsement on my personal TikTok or Instagram, showcasing your brand or product in a genuine, relatable way that resonates with my audience. Or, creating user generated content (UGC) for you to share on your platforms for easy content created by the consumer rather than the brand. Brands I have worked with include Free People, HelloFresh, OWYN, Olipop, Babe Original, and more. 


Reach out for package prices and to let us know your social media needs. We got you. 

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