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TikTok Tips For Creators

In 2022, I grew 100K Followers and 1.8M Likes on TikTok in only 5 months! By the end of the year I reached 215K Followers and 5.6M Likes, improving my career path and increasing opportunity and income for myself by becoming a TikTok Creator alongside a Social Media Marketing Specialist.

Here are 10 tips for Creators to help with your TikTok growth:

1. Be consistent with your postings. I started posting 2x a day, every day. Now I post 1x a day, every day.

2. Quality over quantity. There’s a lot of information out there saying you should be posting like 3-7x a day on TikTok. If you have enough content to be posting that much, go for it. But, I think producing more QUALITY content will actually convert those viewers to followers.

3. Be authentic! TikTok is one of the most “real” social media platforms in my opinion. You don’t need fancy makeup or lighting to film a video, in fact, I think people relate and appreciate the more raw, genuine vibes.

4. Be relatable! Talk about things that a majority of people would understand and relate to.

5. Be original! You don’t need to jump on every trend. Definitely don’t forget to join in on trends when they are relevant to you for easy discoverability, but in my opinion original content is always better! Anyone can jump on a trend, not everyone can be YOU!

6. You don’t need to stick to one niche. I recommend experimenting with different types of videos and topics to give your audience some variety. See what your audience reacts best to and what sticks. Whatever is your most popular topic, post about that most often but you don’t need to be singularly focused on one thing. We are human beings with multiple interests, most likely the multiple things you are interested in, other people are also!

7. Talking to the camera is key! Put a face to your brand. Talk to the camera as if you’re on FaceTime or Snapchat with a friend!

8. Add trending music/sounds! Do some research to find which songs/sounds are trending. Play it in the background of your videos, even if the sound is turned down. This makes it easier for people to find your video. But, if you think your video has potential for others to use the original sound, then don’t add music and keep it original! It is so fun to see what videos people create using your sound.

9. Use hashtags! I add 3 hashtags to each post. Make them relevant to who you want to see the post/your target audience and also what is actually in the video/what it is about.

10. Engage with your community. The comment section of TikTok is almost as entertaining as the videos themselves. I have gotten multiple comments saying people appreciate me as a Creator because I actually comment back! Make sure you are commenting back and commenting on other creators' videos as well.


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